Bulgaria's 2023 Words of the Year: Trends & Business Insights

Bulgaria's Words of the Year 2023

Bulgarian citizens participated in a unique initiative to select Bulgaria’s Words of the Year for 2023.

The innovative campaign was organized by Pavlina Varbanova, founder of KakSePishe Spelling & Grammar blog, Doroteya Nikolova, a Bulgarian Language teacher and journalist, and Sensika Technologies. The collaborative effort between public input and Sensika’s advanced media monitoring technology offered a distinctive view into the societal and cultural dynamics of the nation.

As we reveal these words, we explore the significant linguistic trends and the influential role of media monitoring in capturing the main themes of the past year.

Engaging the Public

The core of this initiative was the active involvement of the Bulgarian populace. Through social media platforms and direct outreach, individuals could nominate words they believed captured the essence of 2023.

This approach democratized the selection process and ensured a wide array of perspectives.

The campaign, initiated on January 8th, progressed through three stages:

  • January 8 – 12: Public submissions for word nominations on Kaksepishe’s website, Facebook page, and other channels.
  • January 13 – 14: A jury of five members, including experts and societal observers narrowed the top 30 words to a final list of 10.
  • January 15 – 20: Public voting for the selected words on the Kaksepishe website.

The jury included esteemed figures:

  • Dr. Pavlina Varbanova, creator of Kaksepishe
  • Prof. Georgi Lozanov, philosopher and media expert
  • Veselina Sedlarska, journalist and writer
  • Dorothea Nikolova, Bulgarian language teacher and journalist
  • Dr. Ivan Landzhev, poet and essayist

The Top Words of 2023: Reflecting Bulgaria’s Societal Shifts

The culmination of this effort identified Artificial IntelligenceAssembly, and Time Shelter as the top words for 2023 in Bulgaria. Each word tells a story about a different aspect of Bulgarian society:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Highlights Bulgaria’s growing engagement with technology, indicating a significant shift towards digital innovation.
  • Assembly: This term conveys the unstable nature of Bulgaria’s political scene, highlighting the rare and significant collaboration among traditionally opposing parties to address the country’s political challenges.
  • Time Shelter: Represents the country’s focus on literary and historical preservation, embodying Bulgaria’s rich cultural heritage.
  • War: Reflects ongoing global conflicts and their impact on Bulgaria, symbolizing a nation’s concerns about peace and security.
  • Schengen: Emphasizes Bulgaria’s aspirations for deeper integration into European structures, highlighting its commitment to European values and policies.
  • Disassembly: Symbolizes the dismantling of outdated structures and systems, pointing towards societal and political transformation.
  • Rotation: Indicates a dynamic shift in leadership and perspectives, suggesting changes in Bulgaria’s political and social landscape.
  • Booker: Refers to Bulgarian author Georgi Gospodinov’s Booker Prize Award for his book “Time Shelter”, underlining Bulgaria’s presence in global literary conversations.
  • Euroatlantic: Implies Bulgaria’s strategic positioning and alignments in international relations, stressing its role in the broader Euroatlantic space.
  • PISA: Represents the focus on educational standards and achievements, referring to the global assessment measuring student performance

These words transcend their mere popularity; they symbolize the evolving priorities, concerns, and aspirations of Bulgarians, painting a vibrant picture of a nation in transformation.

Shifting Societal Focus: Embracing the Future

A key observation from this campaign was the shifting societal interests. The decrease in words like “war” and the rise of terms associated with technology and culture signify a nation pivoting towards the future with optimism and innovation.

This shift is pivotal for businesses and policymakers in understanding and responding to evolving public sentiment.

Времеубежище" на Георги Господинов

New Metrics in This Year’s Campaign

The 2023 campaign introduced two additional metrics, enriching our understanding of the public discourse in Bulgaria. These metrics focused on identifying the most mentioned personalities in Bulgarian media and top figures in Sofia’s mayoral race.

Spotlight on Personalities

Boyko Borisov leads, followed closely by Vladimir Putin and Rumen Radev.

The list predominantly featured politicians, but notable exceptions included international figures such as entrepreneur Elon Musk and football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

This diverse array of personalities reflects a wide range of public interests and discussions in Bulgarian society.

Sofia’s Mayoral Race

In the political arena, the campaign also shed light on the 2023 mayoral race in Sofia. Vasil Terziev emerged as the most mentioned candidate, signaling his significant presence in public discourse.

He was followed by Anton Hekimian and Vanya Grigorova, indicating a competitive and dynamic political landscape in the capital city.

These insights offer a glimpse into the political pulse of Sofia and the candidates who captivated public attention.

Leveraging Advanced Media Monitoring

Parallel to the public voting, Sensika’s sophisticated media monitoring tools analyzed over 10.6 million publications from 9,730 sources, covering a diverse range of media from January 1 to December 31, 2023.

This technology was crucial in identifying the most prevalent words in public discourse, providing an objective balance to the public nominations.

The Strategic Importance of Media Monitoring for Businesses

The outcomes of this campaign extend far beyond linguistic analysis, serving as a strategic asset for businesses. These insights are crucial in shaping reputation management, brand strategy, and market positioning.

Reputation Management and Brand Strategy

In today’s world, where public perception is critical for brand success, aligning with societal linguistic trends is essential.

Incorporating themes that resonate with current societal values enhances brand engagement and fosters a deep connection with customers.

Market Positioning and Crisis Management

Understanding these linguistic shifts allows businesses to identify market trends and consumer preferences, informing strategic decisions. 

Media monitoring also plays a vital role in crisis management, enabling businesses to track and respond to potential reputation risks in real time.

Enhancing Customer Engagement and Competitive Edge

Aligning products, services, and marketing strategies with prevailing societal trends boosts customer satisfaction and positions businesses as progressive and customer-centric, offering them a competitive edge.

Conclusion: Embracing the Power of Media Monitoring

The Words of the Year 2023 campaign, led by Kaksepishe and powered by Sensika’s media monitoring tools, goes beyond illustrating Bulgaria’s linguistic landscape. It highlights the transformative power of media monitoring in providing businesses with essential insights for strategic decision-making.

From enhancing reputation management to fostering innovation in a rapidly evolving marketplace, the insights gleaned from this campaign are invaluable for businesses seeking success in a dynamic global environment.

By harnessing the power of media monitoring, companies can effectively navigate the complexities of public perception and seize emerging opportunities, driving growth and innovation in today’s fast-paced world.

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