New Partner Alert: Habitat for Humanity Bulgaria


We are delighted to announce that Habitat for Humanity Bulgaria is part of Sensika’s CSR program “S.E.N.S” which allows the organization to use our media monitoring solution for various purposes and contribute to their goals.

The foundation Habitat for Humanity Bulgaria is aiming to improve the living conditions in Bulgaria by providing decent housing constructions through improved finance systems, housing policies, and innovative commodities. Their advocacy of providing fair housing as a basic human right has led to the building of 12 new homes with the help of volunteers from all over the world.

By making use of brand monitoring and topic monitoring on housing poverty, energy efficiency, and housing policies, the foundation HFH is able to raise awareness of the aforementioned interests.

If you want to learn more about Sensika’s CSR program and which are the other organizations that benefit from our services, click here

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