CIDC and Sensika Partner to Combat Disinformation

CIDC & Sensika

The Center for Information, Democracy, and Civil Society (CIDC) at the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) has entered into a strategic partnership with Sensika Technologies. This collaboration aims to address the growing threat of disinformation, particularly in the Balkans and Eastern Europe. By establishing a Disinformation Observatory and providing specialized training courses for information professionals, this initiative seeks to promote a more informed and resilient society.

Goals and Objectives

Key Components:

  • Disinformation Observatory: This is the primary tool for monitoring and analyzing trends and patterns in disinformation. The goal is to provide high-quality data and analyses on disinformation narratives, sources, dissemination patterns, scope, and societal impact. The Observatory offers a platform for successful interaction among expert analysts, journalists, public observers, students, and other participants. It delivers vast amounts of data from various sources—online, social media, TV, and radio—in real-time, along with a powerful set of analytical tools.
  • Training Courses: Specialized courses are designed for professionals in the information sector, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively identify, analyze, and combat disinformation.

Dr. Margee Ensign, President AUBG:

“Disinformation and propaganda have always been with us, but technological progress has dramatically increased the threat. As a result, democracies around the world are at risk. We are very proud to partner with Sensika in this pioneering project and to expand our role in researching, teaching, and sharing the truth.”

Konstantin Hristov, Co-founder Sensika Technologies:

“Information is the most valuable resource of our time due to its transformative impact on society and the economy. It enables every decision we make, drives innovation, and enhances the competitiveness of individuals, businesses, and governments. That is why Sensika and CIDC are joining forces in a powerful alliance between technology and the academic community to ensure that the information we access every minute is genuine and reliable.

“This is crucial because disinformation can lead to extremely poor decisions, economic losses, and serious societal harm. False information can undermine trust in institutions, distort public perception, and fuel destructive conflicts.”

Public Impact

Reliable and timely information supports effective governance, promotes citizen awareness, and fosters transparency. The stakes are high. Therefore, we are ready to make significant efforts to maintain the integrity and reliability of our most valuable resource, ensuring its beneficial impact.

The partnership between CIDC and Sensika Technologies represents a proactive approach to understanding and mitigating the effects of disinformation. Through their joint efforts, the Disinformation Observatory will provide a comprehensive resource for studying disinformation, while the training programs will equip information professionals with essential skills. These initiatives are vital for promoting informed civic participation and strengthening the democratic fabric of society.

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