Partner’s Publication: Geopolitics, State Capture and Peak Corruption by CSD

A partner's publication by the Center for the Study of Democracy on Geopolitics, State Capture and Peak Corruption

The latest publication of our long-term partners Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD) under the name “Geopolitics, State Capture and Peak Corruption” focuses on presenting “the dynamics of corruption and state capture levels, developments in national anticorruption policies and legislation, institutional practices of anticorruption oversight bodies, linkages between corruption and the hidden economy, and the role of civil society and international cooperation in anticorruption.” (CSD, Geopolitics, state capture and peak corruption, 2022)

As part of their research for this report, CSD has collaborated with Sensika on a media analysis for the period 2020-2021, covering 9 corruption-related media outlets in each of the six Western Balkan countries under research.

Thanks to the unlimited capabilities of our solution more than 3 million articles have been included in this study. The research that has been conducted included the search of a set of predefined key phrases, selected by the authors of the report and the results indicated that more than 27,000 articles contained at least one of these phrases.

If you are interested to learn more about the findings or the methodology behind this report, you can find the complete document available here.

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