Partner’s Publication: Russian Propaganda in Bulgarian Online Media by HSSF Sofia

A publication by a our partner HSSF on Russian propaganda in the Bulgarian media

A few years ago Sensika contributed to a project by the Human and Social Studies Foundation (HSSF) Sofia that focused on the identification of anti-democratic propaganda in Bulgaria. As part of this project, HSSF published a series of publications that you can learn more about in our articles “Partner’s Publication: Anti-Democratic Propaganda in Bulgaria by HSSF Sofia” and “Partner’s Publication: Anti-Democratic Propaganda in Bulgaria Part II & III by HSSF Sofia”. Sensika had the opportunity to contribute to this project and today we are happy to announce that we partnered with HSSF once again for a follow-up project – “Russian Propaganda in Bulgarian Media Online”.

This follow-up project examines Russian propaganda in Bulgarian in two main stages:

  • from its entry in 2013 until the war in Ukraine
  • from the beginning of the war in Ukraine until 31 May 2022

Once again the authors outline the main narratives of the Russian propaganda in Bulgaira and measure its spread across the online Bulgarian media landscape.

Sensika’s media monitoring system has been used for the measurement of the proliferation of propaganda within Bulgaria online media. Our extensive catalogue of covered media outlets allowed HSSF’s team to perform a keyword analysis on more than 3,500 websites. The study has been published in three separate parts that could all be found under the publications for the project “Russian Propaganda in Bulgarian Media Online”.

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