Event Recap: Technologies Against Disinformation 2.0

Technologies against disinformation 2023

In a world increasingly affected by disinformation and manipulative content, Bulgarian technology companies are taking a decisive stand. The “Technologies Against Disinformation 2.0 | 2023 Edition” conference, which took place on November 7, 2023, at the Hyatt Regency Sofia and was live-streamed on Zoom, underscored Bulgaria’s dedication to combatting these digital threats.

A Global Battle Against Disinformation

This year’s conference, with double the attendance of the previous year, built upon the success of the first edition. It convened leading experts and innovative thinkers to tackle the pressing issue of disinformation in the digital age.

The event was a hub for fresh perspectives on information warfare, showcasing new methodologies and collaborative approaches. A diverse lineup of speakers and panelists from academia, government, and the tech industry enriched the sessions.

Key Takeaway: Collaboration and Innovation

Keynote speakers, including Bulgaria’s Minister of Defense Todor Tagarev, emphasized the global challenges of disinformation and the need for effective state-level tools to counteract it.

A central theme of the conference was the power of collaboration in addressing this worldwide issue.

Sensika’s Contribution

At Sensika, our commitment to addressing the challenges of tracking and analyzing disinformation remains strong.

Our Co-founder, CTO and managing partner Vassil Velichkov, presented on the Digital Services Act (DSA), sparking discussions on regulatory preparedness and compliance.

Additionally, Martin Stamenov, our Head of AI, showcased Sensika’s advanced technological solutions for detecting coordinated influence networks and propaganda campaigns.

Acknowledgments and Looking Forward

The conference concluded on an optimistic note, instilling hope and determination in the attendees. It highlighted that the fight against disinformation, while ongoing, can be effectively countered through collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing.

This event has fortified our hope for a more informed and resilient digital world.

A heartfelt thank you to our partners and co-organizers, Gate Institute, Identrics, and Ontotext, and to all the visionaries who shared their insights – Dr. Todor Galev, Prof. Dr. Dimitar Vatsov, COL Dobril Radoslavov, Todor Kiriakov, Devora Kotseva, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Velizar Shalamanov.

Join the Mission

If you missed the live event, don’t worry – you can access all the insightful discussions and expert knowledge by watching the recording.

You, too, can contribute to this mission by staying informed about latest developments and supporting a landscape of truthful, reliable information. For more information, resources, and solutions for your business, feel free to reach out to us.

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