Sensika is a media monitoring company that combines the capabilities of an advanced software platform with the expertise of a highly-skilled team in a unique manner. Our ultimate goal is to turn media content from various sources into actionable, timely insights and empower our customers to make informed decisions. In today’s world, overflowing with conversations, we make sense of the white noise.

Sensika Technologies

Our Story

Sensika was established back in 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria by a group of inspired entrepreneurs, convinced that they have found the right recipe to disrupt the media monitoring industry. Identifying the customer’s growing need for extracting real-time reliable insights, they have created a unique 360° unified media monitoring solution, combining the capabilities of a powerful software with the excellence of human intelligence.

Since then, Sensika has gradually turned into one of the most promising players in the field with presence in Sofia, Dubai, Riyadh and Berlin. Our most valuable asset has remained the deeply-inherited visionary company spirit, setting up the course of constant technological advancements that allows us to pursue new horizons and opportunities.

Throughout its growth, Sensika has always strived to encourage boldness, inquisitiveness and synergistic teamwork within its employees, values placed in the heart of Sensika’s corporate culture. Equipped with these traits Sensika has grown and thrived by always striving to make sense of the ever-increasing white noise in the media, thus empowering its clients to make better-informed decisions.