CSR Program

For us Corporate Social Responsibility is not a cliché. We at Sensika genuinely believe that doing business includes giving back to society. Back in 2021 we have launched our CSR  program called “S.E.N.S” (Supporting and Empowering the Non-Profit Sector).  The program allows us to contribute and support the work of some of the most active non-profit organizations, striving for a better tomorrow.

For more information about the public impact of our Corporate Social Responsibility program, please follow the news in our Partner’s Publications and CSR blog sections.


CSR Program - Media monitoring

Current Partner Portfolio

CSR Program - Center for the Study of Democracy CSR Program - Anticorruption Fund HABITAT FOR HUMANITY LOGO Bulgarian Fund for Women and Sensika begin a CSR partnership Plant for the Planet Logo CSR Program - UNICEF CSR Program - Time Heroes Hackathon Partner Logo - INSAIT Alternatives & Analyses NGO organization