Small companies try to find their clients.

Big companies go and purchase them directly.

At least they try to.

For the sake of targeting, and dependent on their product/service offering, big players are in a desperate need of everything from physical and e-mail addresses, Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook profiles, to mobile numbers backed up by, preferably, lots of details and metadata. Yellow Pages for consumer contacts would be a much bigger deal then it is currently. But this is impossible…

Privacy laws become increasingly restrictive. Google and social networks cannot disclose anything. For that they have their advertising solutions – money comes in on one side, adverts go out on the other. But companies are out of control in this situation. That is why some managers believe that the easiest solution is to purchase and own databases of millions of contacts.

So, how to find new people to shoot the offers to?!

The solution is so obvious and easy. Enterprises just need to change their mentality to re-act. They just need to pro-act.

The current reactive way of proceeding looks like this:

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