While we worked on a report for a big NGO organization we detected something interesting – videos with similar content and incredibly huge engagement rate.

How to game YouTube algorithm

Basically, the phenomenon of “Breaking News” videos with computer-generated voiceover is not a new story. But how they appear in our feed even if we’re not attached to the content they provide?

How does the YouTube algorithm work?

Probably you know how the algorithm of YouTube works? The platform looks up to your activity in the past and tries to figure out what you could prefer next. This is how they are keeping us on the platform for a longer period of time.

Then, how does this low-quality content successfully avoids YouTube’s fake videos detection algorithms? How these bots and bad faith actors game the YouTube algorithms to get more ad revenue or to spread fake news?

Destin Sandlin is an aerospace engineer by education and YouTube blogger, who follows the scientific method to explore cool phenomena, and works with actual experts in different fields.

Now he is doing a series of videos about how some of the biggest content sharing platforms are gamed, the Social Media Algorithm manipulation and countermeasures.

We at Sensika think that video search and analysis is the next big thing to happen in our space. Searching for people, objects and whole fragments in videos is possible after we break into a completely new technology realm. And we are working on it…