Every year, the entertainment community and film fans around the world turn their attention to the Academy Awards. We already know who won and who didn’t. Here are some interesting facts that we noticed analysing the online space.

Monitored period: 24 – 26 Fev 2019

Focus keyword: Oscar Awards

Number of countries: 143

Number of languages: 74

Total number of articles: 43,730

Total number of people reached by all articles: 3,113,072,064

Content volume per hour (Central European Time Zone )

Oscar in numbers - Sensika content volume per hour

Top Source Countries (geo-spread by volume)

Oscar in numbers - Sensika Geo Coverage

Top Languages (by volume in %)

Oscar in numbers - Language coverage

Sentiment Analysis (overall for the period in %)

Oscar in numbers - Sensika Sentiment Analysis

Hot topics (the most repeating words/sentences)

Oscar in numbers - Sensika Top keywords mentioned

Mentioned Person (for all articles in %)

Oscar in numbers - Sensika Mentioned people

The Oscar Awards topic is still hot but soon it will be replaced by something else. Do you want to capture the coverage of your content? Do you need to monitor the key topics in your sector?

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