Use cases

Industry: Food processing.

Use case type: Product intelligence of sentiment towards ingredients.

Description: The marketing department of a global food processing company needed to analyse unbiased opinions from Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and Forums of healthy nutrition conscious parents to detect potential rejection of their ice cream products because of increased sugar and saturated fat ingredients. Within 5 days a huge volume of data was filtered out and automatically analysed.

Benefit: Vital findings related to product quality, distribution and price were uncovered. Marketing department realized that a lot of discussions are going on under their radar that provides actionable insights and could have a direct implication on decisions towards product quality, packaging, distribution and pricing. Furthermore, the communication department realized that it must alter its external communication strategy, allocating resources (a team of 9 community managers) to the right platforms in order to improve brand visibility, strengthen right product perception and community education. Direct monetary gain – not yet realized. Process improvements: shortened feedback capturing from the market, improved workforce allocation.