Use cases

Industry: Telecommunications

Use case type: Product intelligence

Description: The product and marketing departments needed to research a new android app launch possibilities in the niche of car navigation. Hard facts obtained from unbiased user opinions were required to justify the investment of 80 000 USD in the development and the promotion of a paid app in their app store.
They used Sensika to pull data for a period of 5 years from domestic forums of the popular car manufacturers like Toyota, Peugeot, FIAT, Ford, Renault etc and analyse sentiment towards selected free apps like Google maps and Waze. Furthermore in the process they singled out the weak and strong sides of these established products.

Benefit: Fast delivery of conclusive and actionable insights. Speed up of the fact gathering process by a factor of 10. Previously the marketing department used 120 man-days to perform a research of similar size and complexity on a much limited information base. The Sensika assisted research was accomplished within 2 days by 2 employees. Financial gain via spared direct expenses of 14,700 USD (within this research task only), positive monetary gain by the Sensika assisted decision of 80,000 USD. Total gain – USD ~100,000.