Use cases

Industry: Technology

Use case type: Campaign monitoring and analysis

Description: The PR department of Microsoft Balkans used Sensika to monitor and analyse quantitatively and qualitatively the launch of Windows 10 – the new operating system, in all possible earned media channels – online, social, print and digital. It has defined goals of controlled and earned media coverage that should be met to deem the launch successful. During the launch, the PR and Marketing departments enjoyed for first time real time Post reach metrics. Furthermore, Sensika made possible for engagement goals with qualitative criteria like sentiment, influence apart from social channel penetration, to be defined and reported in near rea time. Sensika enabled post campaign analysis and audience profiling distinguishing brand advocates, ambassadors, haters and trolls.

Benefit: Real time reporting of multiple metrics. During the whole launch project, the PR department had access to real time data and insights on the selected metrics. Compared with the launch of Windows 8 in 2012, it required 70% personal resources less or saved nearly (not yet confirmed) USD by increasing reporting speed, maintaining dense feedback schedule of a report per every 2 hours, and number of reported metrics to the European Headquarter. In monetary expression, Microsoft Balkans spent nearly (not yet confirmed) USD less by increasing reporting speed and number of reported metrics. It made them “look” very good in the eyes of the European management.

Note: despite having a global corporate deal with an established monitoring tool (Gurkana) Sensika is now the premier media monitoring/social listening and analysis tool for Microsoft Balkans due to its comprehensive functionality, total media coverage, automation, analysis variety and speed.