Early Warning System

Automatically detect critical mentions events or changes in trends that could potentially evolve into crisis situations. Ensure that your team has sufficient time and context for quick reactions to prevent emergencies.

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Crisis warning
Real time alerts


Be notified every time a relevant piece of information appears, in case of volume change in the publications or on a period basis defined by you, directly in your mailbox or on your mobile device.

Media monitoring tool


Make your data easily comprehensible by organizing your charts into customizable dashboards, delivered at your mailbox or displayed in the office.

Media monitoring mobile app

Mobile App

Get media monitoring insights in a few clicks on your smartphone – navigate through the content, share relevant pieces or receive push notifications.

Professional media monitoring services

Professional Services

Trust our dedicated team to help you become an independent user of our system – from onboarding to bespoke deep-dive reports, we will assist you in personalizing the Sensika platform to your needs.

Benefit from the language and domain expertise of our highly-skilled team to guide you on how to achieve your desirable goals based on the industry best practices.