Trend Analysis

Listen to your customers closely and satisfy their needs even before they have realized them. Empower your campaigns and product launches with research-based trend analytics.

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Trend analysis
Media stories

Identifying Stories

Showcase the development of a story by grouping similar pieces (from one or multiple media channels) into a bundle by utilizing filters and keywords. Track it in the web app, the mobile app or share it in your newsletter.

Content media categorization


Complex topics could be broken down into categories to make it easier for both analysts and end-result consumers. Employ high precision manual tagging with Sensika’s feature for custom pre-defined tags.

Custom-tailored filters

Custom-tailored Filters

Get your analysis to a whole new level by creating your own custom-tailored filters with Boolean syntax keywords and operators. Use them to navigate through your topics and customize your graphics even further by pivoting or filtering the content in them.

Professional media monitoring services

Professional Services

Stay ahead of the curve!

Our domain experts are trained on how to identify emerging trends by monitoring the media landscape. Benefit form their skills and get the first-mover advantage by following up on treds before they have even emerged.

Media monitoring reports

Reporting Made Easy

Simplify your reporting process by making use of our automated functions and fully-customizable templates.

Customizable Templates

Customizable Templates

Get your choice of templates set up, so that you can export your deliverables in entirely customized layouts and color schemes, depending on your needs.

Deliverables Format

Deliverables Format

Choose between Word, CSV or HTML format for your outputs.

Easy Export

Easy Export

Export your reports in less than 5 seconds, thanks to the high level of automation that we maintain.